Building Process

Our service starts with an initial consultation. We will come to your home to discuss your vision and expectations. We will thoroughly inspect your space, provide design suggestions and determine where your priorities lie. Next, we will identify and discuss potential challenges in order to determine suitable solutions. In addition, we will discuss the desired investment you wish to make, which will enable us to design a project that fits within your budget. Then, we will discuss preliminary material selection, walk you through a variety options and help you choose the materials that work best for your space and budget.

We will provide a quote based on the scope of work discussed during the initial consultation. Should you decide to move forward with our team, we will bring your project to life using our 3-D rendering software. We will guide you through your new space with a virtual tour to ensure your satisfaction. It is at this stage in which we can revise the layout, material selections, and color choices to fit your needs.

Once the design and the material selections have been finalized, we will provide you with a set of project specification documents. These documents will include the final project design along with a comprehensive description of materials selected, which you must approve prior to construction.

A detailed project schedule will be provided to you prior to the start of construction. Throughout the building process, we will provide you with weekly updates to keep you informed of our progress. These updates will also include the provision of our Budget Tracker, which monitors all project expenditures relative to your budget.

Once the project is complete, a final walk- through will be conducted to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. As always, we are not satisfied until you are.

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